Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Corner Bathroom Organizers

Why you should buy a Corner Shower Caddy?

People have many things in their bathrooms they need and use every day, like different shampoos, shower baths, soaps, razors, etc. Most often these things are scattered everywhere; the shampoos are placed on the edge of the shower together with the baths and soaps, the razors are in the drawers or in the bathroom shelves, etc.

When we go to the shower we need to either remember everything we might need to take with us, or get out in the middle of the showering to get them. If the family is larger, the need for more space for the additional bottles is even more increased.

There are many different ways in which you can best utilize the little available space in the bathroom, such as bathroom caddies, shower caddies, shower baskets and bathtub caddies, among other bathroom fixtures, but the corner shower caddy has become one of the top favorites because of its great features.

One of the best things about the corner shower caddy is its design. These type of shower caddies are made with space saving benefits as the highest priority. As their name suggests, they can be placed in any corner of the shower  providing for better space optimization.

You can really place many of the showering supplies on a single corner shower caddy because they have more baskets than usual and these baskets can also be adjusted to your needs.

You can fix each basket at the exact height you need so that you can place the bottles that are higher on one of the shelves, and the smaller items on other. This way you can organize your showering stuff in a neat and decorative manner.

The corner shower caddy is also very safe to use in showers because it is securely fixed to the walls, with all the things you need at the reach of your hand and without a possibility for them to fall down from it. Other great thing about it is that it is also very affordable.

Corner Shower Caddy – Available Options

When searching for a corner shower caddy you should first consider the size of the caddy that will best fit your family needs. Depending on the size of the family and the people using the bathrooms you can measure what size of a shower caddy you should buy.

The aesthetic preferences you have are also important. You would not want your new shower caddy to stick out from the whole d├ęcor. It would be better if you start your search knowing the design, color and material that is best for your bathroom.

As mentioned before, the corner shower caddy is placed in one of the corners in the shower. It has to be secured to the walls and there are two main options to do this.
You can either place it permanently with some kind of screw, or you can use suction cups.

If you decide to screw it to the walls, it is very important to be absolutely sure of its best position, because with the screwing you will permanently damage the tiles and the wall.

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