Friday, 15 July 2016

What type of Shower Caddy is the Best for you?

There are two main shower caddy types available for you to buy, and these are:

    Suction Caddies – This type of shower caddies have suction cups that fix them to the wall making them more secure when used. There are two styles available. The first one is the hanging caddy which is primarily supported by the brushed nickel shower arm on which it is hanged, and the bottom part is pressed up against the wall of the shower to make it even more stable. The second style is more steady and sturdy and is known as power lock caddy. These shower caddies have four or more suction cups, depending on the size of the caddy and the number of shower baskets, which allow them to be securely attached to any relatively smooth wall in the shower. The power lock caddies are a bit more expensive than the hanging ones, but the investment is worthy if you consider the stability and the appearance you will get for your money.
    Tension Pole Caddies – The tension pole shower organizer is more popular these days because of its fancy design convenient for the new, modern apartments and houses. This type of caddy has regular length pole with multiple shelves, and is secured between the bathroom floor or the corner of the shower and the ceiling with a ratcheting mechanism. They are very convenient for smaller apartments, because they do not take much space but provide place for many of the things we need in our shower.

Aside from these two, main types of shower caddies, there are also some that can be placed on the floor on the shower without the need of any type of attachment to the walls, but these caddies can be quite heavy and can take more space than an average shower can afford. The shower caddies also differ in their sizes, or the number of baskets they have, how these baskets are arranged, do they provide an option to place the bottles upside down, etc. Choosing the best shower caddy has to consider these elements too. What should you consider when buying a Shower Caddy?
After you decide what type of shower caddy is the best for you, there also are some other things that you should consider, such as the material from which it is made, or its size, how big should it be to fulfill your needs, etc.

When considering the material the shower caddy is made of, there are two main options, plastic or metal. The metal caddy can have many variations, such as chrome, iron with a powder coat finish, or brass with a chrome finish, or stainless steel. The most important thing when choosing a metal shower caddy is to make sure it is resistant to rust, because the caddy will be in contact with water all of the time and rust can be a very big problem. The metal shower caddies are a better option when compared to the plastic ones because they are stronger and more durable, can hold more weight without braking and are much more stylish. They also are pricier than the plastic caddies, but the investment is definitely worth it.

The size of the best shower caddy for you greatly depends on the quantity of the shower items you have and use. If you live alone then you probably have several things you need while showering and they can be placed on a single hanging caddy. But, if you share your bathroom with your family, then most certainly there are all sorts of shampoos, soaps, body washers, etc. you need to place somewhere. In these situations a corner shower caddy with several shower baskets, or maybe additional wall-mounted one, will be a better option.

Your aesthetic and decorating preferences are also very important when shopping for a shower caddy. Most of the offered shower caddies are white, but you can also find beautiful designs in blue, or light green, or maybe some other color that will freshen up the appearance of your bathroom. Some people prefer the stainless steel shower caddies because they have unique design and color that goes with almost every decoration style.

These are the main things you need to know and consider before you start your search for the best shower caddy for your house or apartment. Just know your needs in size, design, color, type and you will find your best option very easy. Since there is a really wide range of different shower caddies, the best place to start your search would be the Internet. Many of the stores have limited offer, especially when considering the design and colors, and the deals online can be much more attractive.

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