Friday, 13 March 2015

Finding The Best Shower Caddy

When it's time to organize that messy shower cubicle or space, chances are that you will opt for a shower caddy.

The advantages of using a shower caddy as opposed too some other option are:
  • No structural or plumbing changes are needed. Its a DIY option. 
  • No trades person is required. 
  • It is likely that a design to suit your d├ęcor is available. 
  • They are easily swapped, changed or replaced. 
The decision to install a shower caddy is fairly easy, what becomes a little more complicated is just what style of  to choose. The vast majority of caddies fall into two main installation styles, independent of the material they are constructed from.

The Suction Shower Caddy

This is probably the most common style and is typically made from brushed nickel. They hang from the shower pipe outlet (normally brushed nickel as well) and uses that as the main support for the caddy.

To prevent any side to side movement a suction cup on the bottom of the frame attaches to the tiled shower wall. While they do come in some other materials, always double check the quality to ensure they will be rust proof.

More expensive versions like the power lock caddy will have additional suction cups to further secure it to the wall.

Compression Pole Shower Caddies 

 Basically the caddy is designed around a full (ceiling to floor) length pole, which supports multiple baskets for any shower bits and pieces. A tightening mechanism is used to clamp the pole in place, so it can be fitted to any sized opening.

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